Zahnvorsorge - Prophylaxe und professionelle Zahnreinigung in Wiesbaden

Prophylaxis in Wiesbaden

Today, prophylaxis means individualized treatment planning. Here, prevention is top priority. During routine check-ups, a report and an analysis on the likelihood of cavities and gum disease will be compiled. Next, we will schedule future appointments with you for routine dental cleaning.

Routine Dental Cleaning

Prevention is often achieved with 2-4 sessions of routine dental cleaning yearly. This allows for potential diseases of the teeth and periodontium to be detected early and treated quickly.

During the cleaning, our specially trained staff will remove both hard and soft bacterial deposits from your teeth. Unpleasant discoloration are eliminated with a so-called air flow polishing. The purpose of regular prophylaxis is to preserve your teeth in a healthy condition for as long as possible to prevent unnecessary restorations of missing teeth.

More information from the Hessian Regional Dental Authorities

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