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An even smile and bright, white teeth help us look and feel healthy and attractive. That’s why a perfect smile is one of the most common requests among our patients. But how can we achieve this when we weren’t born with perfect teeth and aren’t ready to commit to long-term, expensive orthodontic treatment?

The solution is called Invisalign Go – our transparent and removable braces for adults who want to bring their teeth in line.

The decision is an easy one. Let yourself be convinced:

  • The best results with little intervention
  • Quickly noticeable results
  • Custom designed and comfortable
  • Tried and trusted worldwide (for more, see BACKGROUND)
  • No effect on your appearance – no one will notice the aligner except you
  • In most cases, more affordable than orthodontic treatments
  • Conveniently provided by one single source
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Let your misalignments be corrected discretely and comfortably. Reach us by phone: 0611-303008 or ONLINE


Aligners / Braces: Transparent, comfortable, removable, customized, 0.7 mm thick

Duration of Treatment: Treatment can last from about 3 or 4 months up to a year. On average, about 6 months are needed.

Visibility: The aligner is completely unnoticeable from a moderate distance. If it’s recognizable at all, it would be by someone right in front of you paying careful attention.

When is it worn: You wear your Invisalign day and night – ideally at least 22 hours a day. They are only removed to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

Usage: Invisalign Go can be used for teeth that are too close together, larger gaps, overbites, and twisted or crooked teeth.

Comfort: The aligners are easy to use, remove, and clean and can be worn comfortably everywhere. It fits your teeth like a glove so that you won’t notice a thing.

Preserving the Result: To achieve long-lasting results, a retainer is used to keep your teeth in place.

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Since its introduction onto the U.S. and German market in 1999 and 2001, respectively, Invisalign has been used and improved by orthodontists for over two decades. Traditional orthodontics concerns itself primarily with a correction of the teeth and bite and thus the interaction between the upper and lower jaws. Over 5 million people worldwide have been treated with Invisalign

The transparent and removable Invisalign Go, made by our partner Align Technology, also allows for us dentists to eliminate light to moderate misalignment effectively and affordably. The Invisalign Go treatment takes place entirely in our dental office in Wiesbaden, saving you a trip to the orthodontist.

First consultation and beginning of treatment

In our first consultation we will examine whether or not a correction with Invisalign Go is possible in your case. If so, we will discuss with you the steps and costs of treatment in detail.

If you fulfill the requirements for Invisalign Go, the current condition of your teeth will be recorded with the aid of photographs of your face (teeth, jaw and lips), an x-ray image and an imprint of your teeth. These images will serve as the basis for our treatment plan. Your dental impression is then sent to a certified laboratory where it is scanned and edited using a special software.

We then determine your preferred outcome together on the computer. Here you will already be able to see the expected results on our monitor. This expected outcome is then sent to the laboratory that will then develop your aligner.


During your second appointment, you’ll receive your first aligner and insert it with our guidance. Since each aligner is only responsible for small amount of movement in the teeth, an entire series of aligners will be produced digitally for each step of the way. An aligner is replaced every 1-2 weeks. That way, we can achieve your goal with Invisalign Go in small, consecutive steps.

Check-Ups and Results

You’ll receive your Invisalign Go aligners either via mail or during your check-up appointments in our office. Check-ups will take place about every 4 weeks in the beginning, moving on to every 3 months later on. This way, we’re able to observe the progress from the starting point toward the expected outcome at any point in time by using the data saved during the consultation.

Get ready for a carefree smile and a safe, quick and discrete way to obtain beautiful, straight teeth positioned just where you want them.



When is Invisalign Go used

When it comes to fixing the alignment of front teeth, we’re able to treat patients of almost any age. Invisalign Go can be used for teeth that too close together (crowding), larger gaps (spaced teeth), overbites and twisted or crooked teeth. Invisalign Go can even be used in connection with other types of therapy, for example to improve the positioning of the teeth to make way for a prosthetic tooth later on.

Can Invisalign Go completely replace the need for orthodontics?

This can be answered with a big NO. Invisalign Go corrects mild misalignments of the front teeth. More complicated orthodontic complications and misalignments cannot be treated with Invisalign Go. Such cases should be reviewed with your orthodontist.

Am I qualified for Invisalign Go?

Visit our practice so we can determine together in a consultation whether or not Invisalign Go is right for you.

What does Invisalign Go treatment cost? ¹

An example of a possible finance plan is a cost of €2.989 over a period of 36 months. A solid credit history is required. Fees and interest are accounted for in our quotes.

² The aforementioned price is simply an example of a possible deductible for someone with statutory health insurance. Actual costs are calculated individually according to the specifics of each case and in accordance with the German dental fee schedule (GOZ).

This example price for Invisalign Go therapy was calculated based on the GOZ figures 6040/6100/6110 weighted at 3.5. These estimates amount to €2.639 for costs of labor and material. €99 for the costs of analysis by third party laboratories and €350 for the retainer are not included in this price. The analysis costs of €99 are only to be paid if the analysis proclaims no need for treatment. Should an Invisalign Go treatment be conducted, the analysis costs are included in the overall treatment costs.

Which benefits does Invisalign Go offer?

  • The aligners/braces are transparent and hardly noticeable.
  • The braces are so thin that our patients don’t even feel them and can speak with ease as soon as they quickly get accustomed to them.
  • The results of the treatment are achieved relatively quickly.
  • The aligners are easy to insert and remove, for example to eat.
  • Your dental hygiene remains unaffected by the braces, so you can continue to brush you teeth as usual.
  • More affordable than most conventional braces.

How many sets of braces will I have to wear?

Normally, about 14 sets suffice. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, treatment can use up to 20 sets of braces. This can only be determined after an exact diagnosis assessment of your teeth is compiled.

How long does the treatment last?

The length of the treatment can span from 3-4 months up to a year. On average, treatments require about 6 months, but each misalignment is unique. We’ll be able to give you a more exact treatment plan after we examine your teeth.

Make an appointment: +49 611 30 30 08 | or online: „Beratung Invisalign“ Select and find a suitable date, register and you’re done.

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