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Prevention with a concept!

Schutzprophylaxe - Zahnvorsorge und professionelle Zahnreinigung in Wiesbaden



Routine dental cleaning

Risk assessment

For healthy gums.

For beautiful teeth.

For your health.


Everyone wants a lifetime of healthy and clean teeth, clean gums and fresh breath. Our DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program enables us to work together to achieve these goals through consistent check-ups and preventive consultation.

Central to our DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS Program is the identification and elimination of harmful oral bacteria. This allows us to reestablish and preserve healthy, balanced oral flora. For this we use a special salivary bacteria diagnostic test, which is evaluated at the Institute of Microecology in Herborn. We then conduct a scientific, individualized risk assessment based on your test results to create, in cooperation with our partner, Parodolium®, a customized oral rinse tailored to your needs.

This is how we design an individualized DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program to preserve and improve your teeth and gums based on scientific observations.

Our program comprised of routine dental cleaning, the creation of individualized oral rinses and the provision of oral care products to improve everyday dental hygiene – implemented at three-month intervals – works to fight oral bacteria and thus prevent cavities and gum disease, as well as significantly reduce the risk of other oral diseases.

The success of DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS through our systematic preventive measures is contingent upon long-term cooperation with our patients. The goal is to eliminate those bacteria that produce a harmful buildup of plaque that later becomes responsible for the emergence cavities and periodontitis (known more commonly as gum disease) and unpleasant breath.

Book your first DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS appointment and benefit from long-lasting, healthy teeth. Got questions about our program? Give us a call to receive immediate and detailed answers.

Schutzprophylaxe in Wiesbaden | ProtectProphylaxe



Our prophylaxis specialists clean and polish both your teeth and the gaps between them that are hard to reach at home on your own. In doing so, we halt the growth of bacteria and other contamination and remove tartar and stains. The result is a smile that’s smooth, radiant and clean!



Your most important contribution to the success of the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program and to your own health is an optimal oral hygiene at home. We’re there to help you on your way to perfect hygiene by identifying any weak spots, giving advice and determining the perfect dental care products for you and your needs.


DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS protects from cavities, inflammation of the gums, and gum disease.

Cavities. Emerge when bacteria produce acid that then attack the tooth. We can protect your mouth from cavities with the use of routine dental cleaning, fluoride varnish and the reduction of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Inflammation of the Gums. We remove the tartar that enables bacteria to release the toxins responsible for inflammation of the gums. Such inflammation is often painful and leads to bleeding. We make sure it won’t get to that point in the first place.

Periodontitis. If inflammation of the gums spreads, the jawbone may become diseased and begin to deteriorate (periodontitis). In this case tooth loss becomes imminent. Participation in our DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program fights effectively against periodontitis.


Harmful bacteria in the oral cavity inevitably wind up spreading throughout our body. These bacteria can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. They even increase the risk of miscarriage.

** You can find more information on reducing certain health risks under “Preventive Health with DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS”


DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS prevents the most common cause of bad breath: bacteria! Such bacteria produce unpleasant-smelling sulfur compounds in the mouth. We get ahead of them and reduce the number of such bacteria to prevent bad breath before it even starts.


Individually tailored dental care leads to long-term preservation of teeth and implants. This furthermore preserves the value and appearance of your implants.


In addition to attentive care, we place great importance on the high quality of our treatments and products, as well as our partners. To meet these standards, we regularly offer our staff the possibility to further their professional development and training using the most state-of-the-art techniques and methods. That way, our patients are treated exclusively by trained professionals with ever expanding knowledge.


Logo Parodolium

Even when it comes to our partners, we won’t settle for less. Our oral rinses by Parodolium® are plant-based, as well as free of alcohol and antibiotics! The essential oils in Parodolium® work effectively against bacteria and the accumulation of germs in the oral cavity. Parodolium® oral rinses consist of concentrates of three essential oils:

Lemon Grass.
Antibacterial and kills off existing germs. Prevents the occurrence of the ion-exchange that is necessary for bacteria to extract their energy.

Both antibacterial and antiseptic. Prevents the further spread of harmful bacteria.

Anti-inflammatory and eliminates free radicals that cause inflammation. Stimulates the healing of wounds in the mouth.

Each Parodolium®-Type consists of a different oil mixture and is used in accordance with our suggestions after the evaluation of the results of your bacterial diagnostics.

Your personal salivary diagnostics test is evaluated by the Institute of Microecology in Herborn, which boasts over 65 years of experience in the observation of bacteria in the body. You can find more information on the institute at


Our main objective is the preservation of healthy teeth and youthful gums – to keep that beautiful smile and pleasant breath. We assume thus that our patients will partake regularly in our DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program. Our appointment reminder service helps you to observe all of your scheduled PROPHYLAXIS appointments and thus contributes to your dental health.

» So that no appointment is forgotten, we are happy to support you with our appointment reminder service for dental care at home. « Andreas Gawron


Taking part in the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program makes sense for every patient, regardless of age. Our program is designed to fulfill the individual requirements of each patient and contributes thus to the success of preventive healthcare at all ages.

The course of the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program, designed individually by us, as well as the resulting preservation of the oral flora, significantly reduce the risk of the following systemic diseases:

  • Pneumonia due to the inhalation of harmful bacteria****
  • Arrival of bacteria into the bloodstream, causing arteriosclerosis in the blood vessels
  • Bacterial joint inflammation (of natural and prosthetic joints) that cause movement to be painful
  • The severely heightened risk of heart attack and stroke**
  • Heightened risk of miscarriage**
  • Infective endocarditis (prosthetic heart valves) due to bacteria in the bloodstream
  • Diabetes due to inflammation of the pancreas caused by oral bacteria, leading to a reduced insulin production
  • Alzheimer’s Disease due to pathological changes in the brain that are responsible for the emergence or progression of dementia, triggered by bacteria in the oral cavity***



Because you care about your health and would rather invest in preventive care than the expensive consequences of illness.

Who qualifies for the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program?

Procedures and arguments for the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program according to age:


Infants and Children

  • After 6 months of age: a playful introduction to visits to the dentist and baby teeth check-ups
  • After 6 years of age: DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS for the remaining teeth
  • For children who wear braces or a retainer, dental cleaning is twice as important. The wires of braces and retainers often “block” the spaces between teeth (interdental space).

Youth and Adults

  • Expert cleaning and regular check-ups
  • Improvement of everyday oral hygiene
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas of the teeth
  • Prevention instead of cure
  • For more read “Specific benefits of DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS“

Senior Citizens

  • Prevention of mouth dryness
  • Dealing with age-related changes in the gums
  • Instruction on how to use (age-appropriate) oral hygiene products

How much does DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS cost?

Treatment costs are determined by the amount of teeth and the complexity of the work associated with them. The potential costs of a salivary test, oral rinse or any other hygiene products will, of course, be discussed with you in detail prior to treatment.

Will my health insurance company cover the costs of DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS?

This varies significantly and is depends upon your statutory health insurance company. Partial reimbursements are in some cases possible and thus patients should inform themselves about their options beforehand. Private health insurance companies may also reimburse costs, depending on your policy and contract.

How long do DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS appointments last?

You will need some time for the first appointment, for which a health record, diagnostics, treatment, and a consultation on oral hygienic products will take place, taking about 60-90 minutes in total. Follow-up appointments tend to be quicker, depending on the complexity of the treatment needed.

How often do I need to come for DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS?

Preventive care is usually possible with about 2-4 treatments annually.

Who conducts the DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS program?

The program is carried out exclusively by trained and qualified prophylaxis specialists (dental prophylaxis assistants) in cooperation with our dentists.

What about DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS during pregnancy?

Treatments until the 2nd trimester can be carried out without hesitation or risk to the mother or child. Nevertheless, the risk of circulating toxins released by the cleaning of the gum pockets should always be considered.

Children are born into the world without the burden of harmful bacteria. Such bacteria, however, can be transferred from mother to child. This is something no family member would wish up the newly arrived child.

Clean, PROTECT and care: No tooth will be left unattended!

** Collection of scientific studies on the health risks of oral bacteria: “Periodontitis 2010 – Risk compendium,” Quintessence Publishing, (Berlin 2010).

*** Scientific study by Stephen Dominy, Pharmaceutical company Cortexyme, (San Francisco, 2019).

**** Study by Japanese scientists on aspiration pneumonia, (Yoneyama et al., 1999; Yoneyama et al., 2002).

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