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Bite splints for teeth grinding

Bite splints, or night guards, are splints made of synthetic material modelled off your teeth. Many patients grind their teeth or press their jaws during the night. Everyday stress is an ever more common cause of this grinding. We often see patients who have visible damage of grinding their teeth.

So-called occlusal surfaces are the part of the teeth that are often ground together at night when a patient sleeps. This can usually be recognized by the condition of the canine or incisor teeth. We also frequently observe defects in the region of the tooth that interacts with the gums. Even this can often be attributed to teeth grinding.

A bite splint protects your teeth. The 2-3 mm. thick layer of special synthetic material is worn at night and prevents the teeth from being ground against each other. When you wake up, you can clean the splint while you brush your teeth and then wear it the next night when you go to bed.


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